Math Square: Vortexpool
Vortex simulator at MoMath

MoMath is the National Museum of Mathematics and they have a yearly hackathon where people make exhibits using their SDKs. One of the SDK’s allows you to control the giant touch screen on the floor that kids are usually running around on.

Our entry, Vortexpool, came in second in the hackathon. It simulates a vortex for each person it detects on the floor. The link takes you to a demo in the browser (click to create a vortex and click again to remove it)! Its a bit laggy on mobile so try it on a computer!

Toy version of the Sweet32 attack

Sweet32 is a birthday attack which exploits encryption algorithms with small block sizes. Sour16 is a toy version that exploits the same attack for block sizes from 8-40 bits.

ESLint plugin to lint JSON

ESLint doesn’t natively support linting JSON. So this plugin uses JSHint to add support for linting JSON in ESLint.

Personal Plaid-based money tracker

With the increasing number of accounts with banks/credit cards, I was finding it difficult to keep track of all my accounts. I tried Mint, Quicken and GNUCash but I had issues with all of them.

So I made Lpaid to help me keep track of it! Its a node application that uses Plaid to interact with banks and uses sqlite to store the data locally. The README on github has more info on the project!

Encrypted personal journal

A flask based journaling website backed by a sqlite/sqlcipher databse. The database matches layout of the sealnote android application so data can be imported/exported from the android app.

Disable/enable yubikeys via an app indicator

yubitoggle-applet adds an app icon in your taskbar to quickly check the status and toggle your yubikey on/off. Tested on Ubuntu but should work on other Linux OS too.

It uses yubitoggle to actually toggle the state of the yubikey.