I have enjoyed a lot of reading this year so I wanted to to reflect on some of the things I read and enjoyed. In this post I will cover some of the articles.

I am a heavy Pocket user. Apparently I read 775k words on Pocket in 2017! According to Pocket, some of the topics that I read the most about were current events, security, programming, technology and sports. Below are some of the articles that I enjoyed in particular:


The website I have read the most articles from is probably Wikipedia. The articles have ranged from reading about Philadelphia and the Deccan Plateau to reading about Exploration of Mars and the Cassini-Huygens missions. I had heard a lot about the claim that Pi contains all possible sequences of numbers but after reading about Normal Numbers I found out that we don’t actually know if that’s true for Pi! I have read about many different security exploits over this year and the Row Hammer exploit was probably the most interesting.

Some other articles I enjoyed reading about are below.


Current Events: